Brick's Liquor Lane    1546 N Rand Rd.    Palatine, IL  60074    (847) 776-6816

"I needed a place to bring my 250+ beer signs" confesses Neon Shop Fishtail founder and owner Tom Brickler. "I love what I do and beer and liquor are a natural progression to my health and livelihood," he added. Brick's Liquor Lane is a mecca of unique craft beers, Mexican tequilas, and Kentucky spirits. Some of the rarest porcelain neon signs are showcased upon the walls of this 4,000 square foot liquor establishment.                     
Brick's Liquor Lane and Vintage Neon Sign Warehouse

​Brick's Liquor Lane offers a variety of personally selected craft beers. 3 Floyd's, Pipeworks, Lagunitas, Half Acre, and Revolution are only a few of the many craft beers that are offered.                      
Craft Beer 

​The extensive tequila and mezcal section was inspired by Hispanic clientele searching for brands from their hometowns. From Silver to Reposado to Negra, some of these unique blends are for tasting with a cerveza fría. For those hard core enthusiats, "Yes we have the worm."               
International Brands

​A wide selection of eastern European spirits with an emphasis on Polish beers and Russian vodkas. Kentucky Bourbons, Irish Whiskeys, Cuban Rums, and cold Jägermeister are a few of the packaged goods always ready to go. Nostrovia!
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​1546 N Rand Rd. Palatine, IL 60074
 2247 N. Western Ave. Chicago, IL (773) 227-0303