Porcelain Neon Signs
Domino Tavern
     One of a kind sign face from the infamous Alton, Illinois organized crime run bar that was featured in the 1957 Sports Illustrated edition for influencing a referee to affect college basketball games to favor the odds for a point spread. The proprietor Dominic Todaro and his brothers were the masterminds behind this illegally run tavern. The porcelain sign was made by Federal Signs from East St. Louis circa 1940. 

Old Style
    William Schirmang was responsible for bringing Old Style Beer to Chicago. The most prevalent neon beer sign was an Old Style Open or an Old Style Shield that could be found in every neighborhood bar and window during the 1970's. This old porcelain neon sign made by LUMINESS was one of the rare signs displayed on the outside of a special tavern. Very few of these exist.
Lucky Lager
    Lucky Lager was introduced to beer drinkers in 1934 with the brewery located in San Francisco. Once the most popular beer in California, the name "Lucky" was selected after a name search contest. To score an original porcelain neon sign from the founding brewery is extremely LUCKY. 
Spanish Trail
    The Spanish Trail Motel was clearly the most popular and known neon porcelain sign in Panama City, Florida. There was great disappointment in the town when the sign disappeared and later resurfaced at a restaurant in Chicago called Panama City. Unfortunately, for the entrepreneurs of the restaurants the opening coincided with the conflict of South Americas Panama City and ruler Manuel Noriega. Fortunately, the sign was rescued before orders to destroy it were made. 
    Double-faced 12 foot electric blue porcelain neon sign from the Neon Art Co. in Louisville, Kentucky. Circa 1940, this vertical masterpiece spells one of the most desired words in sign history. 
A Better Buy
    It is rare to find a phrase on a porcelain neon sign. A Better Buy is the type of phrase that any business owner would love to display. Originally this neon sign represented 4 Star Gasoline that existed in the 1940's and was almost as rare as this neon sign. 
4 Star Gasoline
    Gas/Oil porcelain signs are considered the creme de la creme for collectors. The two part red and white porcelain face spans over 12 feet. Where it one time all four stars shown brightly to advertise this low cost fuel, a sequencer with added transformers was employed to flash the four stars shooting across the porcelain. 
    Valentin Blatz introduced Blatz Beer to Milwaukee in 1851. 85 years later as neon was discovered and used for signage, the Burdick Advertising Co. from Chicago began marking their taverns with neon Blatz porcelain beer signs. This beauty from 1936 features fanciful porcelain edgework on the perimeter of these signs. It is misunderstood what a major player Blatz Beer was in Milwaukee during its heyday. This porcelain sign represents beer at it's finest during the golden age of brewing in the midwest.    
Grain Belt
    This double-sided ready to hang Grain Belt porcelain beer sign represents rust belt americana. Made by Kaufman, this brew was a reasonably priced beer favored by the working man. It would be difficult to frequent another tavern than the bar that had this glowing neon hanging outside its entryway. 
Pilsen Premium Beer
    Pilsen Premium Beer was made by the Yusay Brewing Co. Chicago, Illinois. It is great to find a porcelain sign representing Chicago beer and this sign made by LUMINESS is crisp, clean, and clear. The double outlined "P" that represents the word Pilsen is written in a type style that is second to none. With the rise of one of Chicago's hottest neighborhoods, Pilsen, this sign is spectacular. 
Bulova Watches
    This 5 foot diameter Bulova Watch clock most likely adorned the outside of a fine jeweler's store. The stark white neon advertising the company's name is one of the large scale neon clocks of its era. For those who depended on it for correct time when they passed, they were also reminded to buy a Bulova watch. 
    This iconic 3 letter word defines roadside America. Each end of the sign is bullet-nosed with the classic art deco curve that represents its hidden beauty. The neon doubled-outlined letters were probably originally red. Brickler couldn't help to think that the eerie alluring color of green would look on this black sign glowing with the black sky behind. Each side has a unique look that becomes etched in your mind. 
    This double-sided unique electric sign features flashing light bulbs that represent a funky arrow from the top and pointing to the bottom. It is a common theme to sometimes see a woman sitting within the cup of a martini glass. This sign shows a wilder, bolder image of a free spirited woman straddling the stem of the martini glass. Get up and boogie.  
    This 13-plus foot white neon channel letter sign is juxtaposed on a raceway to mimic the legendary Hollywood sign in Hollywood Hills. This tinsel town neon replica would look great in an antique automobile warehouse, a memorabilia store, or a living room in your loft. I guarantee that the purchaser of this piece will forever have a new nickname.  
    A-1 Pilsner is a small porcelain doubled-outlined novial gold neon sign from Phoenix, Arizona. The sign is represented by an eagle perched between the A and the 1. A-1 was Arizona's largest selling beer during the 1940's and 50's. Produced by the Arizona brewing company, it makes you wonder that the A stood for Arizona #1. 
    This doubled-outlined neon red Blatz sign was plastered all over the outside of taverns in Milwaukee. Artkraft Strauss manufactured these wonderful porcelain signs. Great thought was given to this particular sign's design. If you could focus off the brightly neon colored word Blatz for a moment, you are subjected to the subliminal thought to "Drink" "Beer."  
Neon Chicken 
    Check out the work on this fine porcelain sign. Even the turquoise has a 50's style curve at the top. Everyone smiles with delight when they see this piece. Simply the best!
    This 1930's Budweiser neon porcelain sign with the iconic eagle and A for Anheuser is truly first in its class. The sign is marked with the location of its original brewery in St. Louis. Budweiser refers to itself as the King of Beers and this special sign is the King of Signs. 
Country Club 
    This is a rare double-sided porcelain sign. This sign is circa 1940. 
    The Sieben's Brewing Company began in 1865. During prohibition gangsters Torrio and O'bannon became involved with running the business. As one gangster attempted to buy out the other, a police raid was conducted and the deal went down. The bad blood that came from this transaction was a precursor leading up to the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.  
    This 7 foot red and white porcelain neon sign was a name of a pizza parlor on Western Ave. near Grand Ave. This is one of the original restaurants before there was even the name coined Little Italy! 
Neoneon Interchangeable Letters & Numbers 
    Innovative invention allows you to make the sign of your choice. Extremely rare.
Neon Clocks
Drake's Gruen Watches
    This is a one-of-a-kind, ready to hang, double-sided jewelers porcelain sign. It features a neon Gruen clock. The porcelain and overall sign is in top condition for a sign that was manufactured in the 1940's. 
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Neon Shop Fishtail
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